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zielony.kotek: here are a couple ideas how
you can mineralize and add structure to
your water from whatever source you
attain it:

✪ add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime
for minerals
✪ add a mint leaf or blade of grass for energy
✪ add a few grains of CELTIC or PINK HIMILAYAN Sea Salt for minerals
✪ add a quartz crystal for structure
✪ let your water sit in the sun for a few minutes (always in glass, not plastic)
✪ use ceramic pots to and glass to store water
✪ use ceramic pots instead of metal ones to boil water for tea
✪ swirl it around to create a vortex in the centre...water likes movement

And remember, like with your food,
put your prayers and intentions in your water, and DRINK UP!"


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